Heads Letter

We set ourselves high standards in all that we do

I am very pleased to introduce you to Elliott Park School; a caring community where children thrive. On our website you will see why we have developed this reputation where each pupil has maximum opportunity to realise his or her potential. You will already be aware how important it is to choose the right school for your son or daughter and we hope that the information here will help you make this decision.

Our school is a happy, energetic and dedicated community. We set ourselves high standards in all that we do, ensuring that our pupils move from us into secondary education proud of their own achievements and with the necessary knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to face their GCSE courses with confidence.

I hope that you will be convinced that Elliott Park is the right school for your son or daughter.

Colleen Hiller
Head Teacher


2018/2019 Results

In the new SATS tests the children are given scaled scores. These are used to show whether the child has achieved the national standard for each subject. 

What the results mean:

A scaled score of 99 or less means they haven’t reached the government expected standard.

A scaled score of 100 means that the child has met the expected standard in each test.

A scaled score of above 110 suggests the child is working at a higher level than expected for their age.

The maximum possible score is 120 and the minimum is 80.

Subject Below the level assessed Expected standard Above expected standard
Reading  3 5  
Grammar 3 5  
Maths 3 4 1


It is our belief that education is a route to the well-being of the individual. We believe in equal opportunities for all the children in our school, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender or ability. In order to ensure future progress and success, we aim to provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced. It is our belief that we should provide a learning environment that is motivating, exciting and caring, in order for a child to develop a sense of high self-esteem and academic achievement.